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I am Katie Jeanne Crowder. I just moved to Julesburg, Colorado. To a place in the country, on the river. I love it! I can't wait to raise my child in the country in a small town! I am a stay at home mom who loves photography! I attended Northwest College in Powell, Wyoming, where I got my degree in Photography. I am a proud mother of Elsie Jeanne. She was born in 2010. She is growing fast! I am sure you will see her through out my site! :o) My husband Matthew and I love to travel. I hope you enjoy! Let me know, I love hearing from people! Also I take portraits so if you are interested in having portraits done please don't be afraid to ask!


Shawn & Heather Photos

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Summer time!

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Axel & Ryder Huser

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Stull Family

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Kler Family

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Jennifer Jo & Flint

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Taylor Family

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Clemetson Family

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Baby Liberty

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